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The following forms are required for Energy Healing Therapy & Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions:
Client/Counselor Responsibilities & Rights | Client Intake | Disclosure Statement


Look Within You Are The Buddha

Look Within You Are The Buddha

All Sessions to be prepaid ~ 24 Hr cancellation notice required for full refund ~
Services available for purchase and scheduling at bottom of page.
For prepaid package of multiple sessions, follow up appointments will be made at the end of your first session,
or can be scheduled over the telephone to secure specific date/time.



IMG_4581Intuitive Energy Readings
30 minutes…$40.00
45 minutes…$55.00
60 minutes…$70.00

These sessions offer you insight as to your current flow of energy and can help you to become aware of or better understand current energetic imbalance(s) that may be creating blocks or challenge in areas of your life. They are intended to help you gain new perspective and greater clarity. These sessions are available in office (Lynnwood, WA), thru skype, or via telephone.



20160606_113259Energy Healing Therapy
60 minutes sessions…..$100.00
3 prepaid 60 minute sessions………$250.00

Available in office (Lynnwood, WA), thru skype, or via telephone.

Prior to our meeting, please download and complete the following forms: Client Intake to gather information about the focus/goals of the session & other pertinent information, the Disclosure Statement, a form requiring your signature documenting that you have been informed of fee & payment information, and the Client/Counselor Responsibilities & Rights, advising you of exactly such – client/counselor responsibilities & rights (these forms can be mailed to you if you’d prefer). We will discuss the information and address targeted goals &/or any questions that arise during session. If you have scheduled a phone or skype session you can scan, email, or print out, complete, sign, and mail the forms to me to arrive prior to your appointment.

The Energy Healing Therapy services I offer are the gentle art of integrating Reiki, life force energy (chi, ki, prana), Hypnotherapy, & the Vibrational Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls, to clear the human electromagnetic energy field of accumulated cellular memory which creates imbalance and energy blockages within the body system. Based on the concept of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body connection, these blockages (imbalances) hinder the body’s innate healing ability (homeostasis).

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, and to often be in a state of fight or flight because of the demands of a busy life, challenging relationships, difficult work situations, or other strenuous circumstances. It is common to deal with such states by denying, avoiding, or numbing ourselves to them. Our emotions and thoughts create a biochemical response in the body and the impact of ongoing stress or trauma, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, will create imbalance (dis-ease) within the body system. These are situations for which Energy Healing Therapy is ideally suited.

Energy healing integrated with hypnotherapy and dialoguing techniques further facilitates awareness & release of suppressed emotions, thoughts, & unconscious limiting belief patterns. Facilitating greater levels of body sensory awareness, and re-patterning, it is not uncommon to experience improved recovery time from injury, surgery, illness, &/or alleviate symptoms of dis-ease.

These sessions are tailored to meet the current need & goal of each individual. This personalized blending of healing modalities may include (but not be limited to) Hypnotherapy, Dialoguing, Reiki, Vibrational Sound Healing, Intuitive Energy Work, Crystals. These techniques are complementary to and support conventional treatments &/or therapies.

For in office appointments, the sessions are conducted as you are comfortably resting upon a massage table. There will be available for your use; a blanket, pillow(s), tissue, water, eye pillow, to make your experience as comfortable & nurturing as possible. Added Vibrational Healing support is achieved through speakers mounted underneath the massage table emitting gentle sound tones to further facilitate balancing, clearing, and healing.

If the session is conducted via phone or skype, please allow for a full 75 to 90 minutes of “uninterrupted time”, in a space where you can rest comfortably & privately to allow for a deeper state of relaxation.

Throughout the session we will be establishing & maintaining a gentle dialogue. This will provide the communication necessary to explore, discover, and address areas of concern/imblance. This will also allow you to voice any concern or discomfort that may arise so that you can maintain a sense of safety and comfort throughout the session.

It is common to continue to process and perhaps even physically feel the shifting of energies for up to several days, after a session. Clients have conveyed having strong emotional releases, or various other related experiences of continued healing and expanded levels of awareness.


Vibrational Sound HealingVibrational Sound Therapy
30 minutes….$60.00
2 prepaid sessions @ $50ea
3 prepaid sessions @ $40ea

These sessions are available in office only (Lynnwood, WA) and are available at a discounted rate for multiple prepaid sessions that can be scheduled at convenient intervals for ongoing balance and support.

Vibrational sound therapy is the application of sound waves to the human body to encourage cellular reorganization, health, and well-being, through the principle of resonance. The notes of the crystal bowls used for this therapy are tuned to specific vibrational frequencies found within the human body. When the bowls are played the sound penetrates into the cells of the body which stimulates the cells towards a state of balance. These sessions may also include application of multiple energy healing modalities.

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Contact Information
Sylvia Korte
Registered Hypnotherapist
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Member International Hypnosis Association

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