~ Connecting With Your Higher Self ~

An experiential workshop
presented by Sylvia Korte



Connecting with your higher self


Date: Saturday 6/25/16
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Fee: $100
Location: Private residence in Santa Barbara, CA (address information will be made available after registration)

*Limited seating, please register early to ensure a space*




Following are the points of topic in correlation to connecting with your higher self:

*Uncovering & Exploring limiting beliefs & their impact
*Becoming aware of your own energy flow
*Universal flow and your electromagnetic energy field
*Expansion & constriction
*Putting it all together
*Moving beyond the physical form – a guided visualization
*Consciously expanding your energy field and self-awareness

As you move through the techniques that will be presented to help you uncover subconscious limiting beliefs that you may have with regards to connecting with your higher self, you will begin to understand the power of the mind on a more personal level. You will move through shifts in awareness as you experience your own energy constrict and expand with intention. You will leave with tools to move into deeper levels of personal expansion. As you continue to practice and strengthen these skills and personal awareness, you will understand the implications of how this information and tools can be applied into all areas of your life.




Contact Information
Sylvia Korte
Registered Hypnotherapist
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Ophthalmic Assistant
Member International Hypnosis Association
805-748-3719 – Please leave a message & I will return your call 🙂

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