Having Faith Requires Faith..

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Life unfolds one step at a time. Pay attention & stay awake to each moment!

Life unfolds one step at a time. Pay attention & stay awake to each moment!

I am finding that it takes quite a bit of faith to have faith in the midst of challenge. It has always been easy to “have faith” when things were going relatively easily. However, I am finding that in the times of challenge faith is something that I have to fight for as I come face to face with deep-rooted beliefs of limitation & fear that have me convinced that living “inside” my box is safer than spreading my wings and soaring out into the vast blue skies. It amazes me to think that I actually feel that I have to “fight to hold onto faith”. But that is exactly what I feel like I go through at such moments of uncertainty when my inner voice compels me to take leaps of faith as my logical mind screams out “AS IF! Get a grip and be real”.


As I am becoming more aware of the subconscious beliefs & patterns that have governed my decisions for most of my life, I feel a wonderful sense of pride and empowerment at all the healing and spiritual growth that has evolved for me. With that said, I am also finding that change and healing occur from the “inside” out. Which of course requires one to be genuinely honest and authentic with ones own self about ones own self.

Sometimes I don’t want to look at those parts of myself that I am uncomfortable with, but I realize that it is only in doing so that I can create new paradigms based on love, joy, acceptance, & abundance, instead of fear, lack, or limitation.

I took a leap of faith last year and quit my job. So much has happened, so much has changed. I am not the same person that I was last year when I started on this venture of faith. Financially it has been challenging. Emotionally it has at times been frightening. It has also been; educational, exhilarating, revealing, liberating, & extremely empowering.

What I wanted to do then is not so much what I want to do anymore. I am learning that it’s ok to change, that life IS change. Where once I used to think that I failed, I have come to realize that learning, not failure, was the gift of the experience. I have evolved through the many layers and masks that I created to protect myself. I have shed away many of those outer skins and have experienced glimpses of my own brilliance: The brilliance that is the beauty and grace of each and every one of us, the brilliant truth of our own divine nature.

I have found the following precepts to be true for me, perhaps they are also for you.
*It is good to accept that I may never have “all” the answers to the challenges I am faced with. But if I allow myself to be fully present, I find that I have what I need for the current moment. Sometimes it is as simple as to breath deeply and begin to allow my body to relax when I’m feeling anxious or stressed.
*Fear is real, as such, I move in and out of faith, but if I hold true to the present moment, that moment is the very step I need to take me to the next step in spite of my present fears.
*The present moment is all I EVER have. My life is ALWAYS Here Now!
*It is only my thoughts that create perceptions, expectations, that “I” then project into the future, or into the past. I do that Here Now, in the present moment.
*If all I ever have, if my life is always here now, then “ALL” of my power to create lies within “THIS MOMENT”.
*Conclusion…All of my life is occurring HERE NOW…so it it pretty damn important to stay awake for it. Realizing who & what I am being in this current moment is having full awareness, and control, of the path that I am creating for myself.

Becoming aware of the beliefs, the habits, and the patterns that I function from are critical to my well-being, my joy, and my expansiveness and juiciness for life. Being present is how I am going to become aware of them and where I will have the power to change them, and again, it all happens here now. So, ironically, it seems to me, this process is the very synthesis of “faith”!

Wishing you the strength, courage, & wisdom, to have & hold steadfast to faith.

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