Lemons Into Lemonade

Sylvia Korte: When Life Hands You LemonsIt all started with my feeling inspired & very clever that I decided to update my website. Somewhere along the line in the process I “lost” my blog page. WHAT! How does one lose a blog page? It was like magic, whoosh, just like that and it was g o n e.

My Macho Alpha Geek Techy partner was not amused by the magic. Our conversation went something like this;

Me: “Love, can you come here & help me? I seem to have lost my blog page.”
Him: “What did you do?” (looking dumbfounded by the mere idea of what I just said)
Me: “Nothing. I don’t know. I was just trying to update my website, and now my blog page is gone.”
Him: “Well, let me see what I can do & try to figure it out.” (yes, he is that calm & patient)

After a short period of time with no success, and no blog page in sight, I say to him;
“Let’s just leave it be for now, go watch our movie, and we’ll address it tomorrow.”

Did I already mention that he is a Macho Alpha Geek Techy kinda guy. Such words that I had spoken were like kryptonite is to Superman. I could almost hear the crashing of confusion in his mind with ramblings such as; WTF! Just leave it be for now…until TOMORROW!?! What the hell does that even mean! Your blog page is GONE…& you suggest to leave it be!?!

I think the stupor of such a suggestion was such that all he “could” do was walk away.

Life handed me lemons, I needed to walk away to be able to gain a new perspective instead of freaking out. The fact is that I wanted to update my site. The universe handed me a clean slate. So here I am…making lemonade by way of new beginnings, just gotta add a lot of sugar!

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