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“The Big Talk” by Kyle Cease
Always simple truths that create a new perspective. Amazing how simplistic allowing ourselves to have a new understanding of self acceptance & of how to get unstuck can be. Humorous, honest, to the point, & inspiring. I highly recommend that you check out his many you tube videos.




Sonia Choquette” you tube channel.
Be sure to visit her channel. She has a wonderful selection of videos in which she shares tools, & techniques to balance and re-connect with your intuition.




Tony Robbins” you tube channel.
Passionate, inspiring, empowering. I think it’s awesome that he has so many motivational videos available to share the wealth of information and inspiring energy of his empowering momentum.




Oprah Winfrey” you tube channel…Love, love, love, Oprah. She is an amazingly inspiring and empowering woman. Her you tube channel offers a vast variety of interviews and inspiration.




Dr Jill Bolte Taylor  An amazing presentation by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor
a Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist who experienced a severe hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain in 1996. In this Ted Talk presentation she shares the amazing awareness she experienced as the hemorrhage occurred, & the resulting insights.




Good at Diversity...Sometimes perfectly amazing at playing the victim, at others, perfectly amazing at being the brilliant & masterful creator of her life.

Good at Diversity…Sometimes perfectly amazing at playing the victim, at others, perfectly amazing at being the brilliant & masterful creator of her life.



You Are The Placebo:
How Talking To Your Cells Can Heal Your Body

An interesting article that encourages greater levels of self-awareness as part of ones healing process. Self-awareness is part of the recipe for self-empowerment. Be sure to check it out.






Into The Well Of Me

Into The Well Of Me

“Seeing Your Emotional Blind Spots” by Martha Beck
I truly, truly enjoy reading Martha Beck’s books and articles. Always very informative, humorous, and enlightening, sharing wisdom on how to achieve greater levels of self-awareness.

Enjoy, and while you are there click onto her blog page and read many of her other wonderful, humorous and enlightening posts. 🙂




Dream Big

Dream Big


An inspiring article that for me reflected the art of living life by actively choosing joy, & self-love. This article is in the Washington Post, written by Petula Dvorak. “Meet Two amazing women who are still working at age 102, yes 102.




Peace Be Still Within MeThe Difference between Two Types of Empaths is a very informative article that does a great job in articulating the positive aspects of being an empath who has successfully developed their own levels of self-awareness and ability to distinguish the difference between their own energy field and anothers. A great read that can help one to begin to make wiser, and thus healthier choices, in personal-empowerment and self-development.



The science behind intuition 151071-154308The Science Behind Intuition
Why you should trust your gut a post based on an excerpt from the New York Times Bestselling book, Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Dr Kelly Turner.



IMG_3321Emotions & Your Body
It has been my experience that our emotions have a profound impact on the health of one’s body.; This website; Enlightened Feelings, offers many different articles with information on the mind-body connection.



The Divine Feminine Article iStock_female_statue_ssThe Divine Feminine
There is great wisdom written here in this article of The Divine Feminine a worthwhile read to take the time to feel ones way through the reading of it.



IMG_2610Do you Trust Your Inner Voice
By Judith Orloff,MD; Do You Trust Your Inner Voice is a fun & short quiz to get a sense of your intuitive strength.



The Tacky Dress of ExpectationsDity Sexy MinistryHeaderText.1000x590px
A great post; The Tacky Dress of Expectations is a reminder of the importance of releasing the energies of limitation that we place upon ourselves when we live in accordance to outside expectations instead of from our own authenticity & inner wisdom. A must read fellow sojourners ;).


n-INTUITION-large57010 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently
Interesting to read and see how much of this resonates with you;Ten Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently.



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