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~ There is magic in reconnecting to your inner wisdom ~

~ There is magic in reconnecting to your inner wisdom ~


“My experience was not only profound, but surprising and unexpected. I feel so proud of myself. I have been able to move through situations of anxiety with greater clarity, more confidence, ease, and a much deeper sense of myself. The insight Sylvia presented has been invaluable. It is not always easy to look at our fears, challenges or insecurities, but when they are brought to light with love and a fresh perspective, they are much easier to move through. She has supported me through many changes and challenges in my process of personal growth and awareness, and continues to do so.”-K.L.


“The session with Sylvia was awesome! I had been seeing her regularly to help keep my body, mind, and my health on track. I always left feeling so relaxed, calmer, and more grounded, I also noticed that I seemed to feel clearer in my thinking. Then I relocated, so now I make intuitive reading appointments via telephone as her intuitive insight has also been a powerful support in my life when facing challenging or confusing situations. I love her dearly, she has been a gift in my life.” -P


“Sylvia’s intuitive session presents the inner voice of my chakras in a delightfully fun and informative communication from my inner or higher self. I feel empowered with a new and fresh perception of my personal capabilities, and have more conscious self guidance, because of the magic of the information Sylvia reveals in a gentle, loving atmosphere. I feel good!” -M.A.


“As I began my journey of self-discovery and healing, I had many questions and turned to the internet and textbooks for answers. But this was not enough and my daughter recommended a workshop with Sylvia and Kitty. What an awesome experience and a great way to really get connected. Their collaboration of art & healing was truly innovating and inspiring. I felt such release and healing as I reconnected deep into my soul. In my follow-up session with Sylvia, she was able to guide me even deeper to get in touch with my intuition. I really didn’t understand how to connect with myself until I had a session with her. I’m so grateful for Sylvia’s nurturing and intuitive guidance. Thank you for making such a profound impact on my life.” – Teresa


Sylvia created a comfortable, safe environment for me to share my personal struggles. She made me feel supported, but also asked questions to push me to dig deeper, in a gentle, pressure-free manner. She allowed the session to be guided completely by me, directing as needed, but I felt that she heard and truly understood my struggles so well, and created a session that helped me gain trust in myself that I do have the answers, just need that facilitator to help me dig them out 🙂 And somehow, she kept me from getting fixated on the meaningless details that I often feel bogged down by! It helped me to realize that none of my habits/reactions really matter, it is minutia that I fixate on because it’s easier to worry about the little, meaningless things than to confront the big, underlying issues, at times. She worked with me using several different techniques, all of which I found to be useful not only in comforting me, but also to heal and help me move forward, letting go and confronting the fears. It felt like talking with my fairy God mother, inspiring me to explore, laugh, be courageous and believe! I would absolutely recommend working with Sylvia if you would like to improve your interpersonal relationships in all areas, or even simply as a way to relax in a meditative state. I am excited to work with her more! – E.W.


Embarking on the journey to shift and rebalance my energy has been equivalent Mr. Toad’s wild ride, but it has saved the essence of my being. It’s my mindset that our bodies have multiple energetic links, that left unattended, will destroy one’s passion and drive for life. In this journey I’ve learned that the cells in our bodies store emotional energy. This is how and why emotions are felt in our bodies. This is also why when something triggers a memory, that memory, whether good or bad, suddenly feels so real. I now live by a formula I was taught, “E=Emotional Energy in Motion.” In order to grow new cells for new memories, the current cells must be released. Here’s where energetic release workshops enter the healing journey. It’s a true gift from The Universe when given an opportunity to be safely and lovingly guided within ones self to give attention and compassion to the parts of our souls that for one reason or another vacated our bodies. What a gift to be able to welcome home our essence and to give it permission to shine, all simply by acknowledging the energies that reside inside us all. To all that have asked me and continue to ask me the secret to my amazing transformation, I excitedly exclaim, “Energetic healing!” -M.C.


“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for the (Emerging) workshop. I really enjoyed it and I must say I got more out of it than I was expecting. I’ve been going through an intense healing journey & it was eye-opening to see where I’m really at in this journey compared to what my mind thinks. I’m learning what an amazing tool our bodies are. What you ladies do is wonderful and what’s even better is that you are relatable, down to earth, everyday normal women who make it safe to feel what’s really inside ourselves. Thank You!” -M.C.


“Thanks again for the retreat with you and Kitty. You both make a great team and I’m thankful for the experience.”


“I feel so alive, loved & inspired. Holy moly, I’m on fire!!”


“Release, renewal, rejuvenation, sigh of relief – ahhhhhh, feeling lighter.”


“I feel like you were able to read my soul and pull out all the feelings I was having. Thank you for all the insight and powerful feelings. I am still trying to accept and process everything we talked about and am so thankful that you helped me calm down and see things more clearly. I don’t know how to ever repay you for showing me a glimpse into myself but will always be grateful for what you did.”

“My sessions with Sylvia have been truly life changing. I was never very open to energy work or Reiki until I started working with her. She has an incredible ability of connecting with your soul and allowing you to be yourself. She practices in a loving, respectful manner and is a master at helping you connect to yourself. Countless times her words and messages have helped guide me on my path. She has an incredible knack for saying exactly how you feel when you can’t seem to find the words to express it. I leave each session feeling awakened and rejuvenated. Working with Sylvia reminds me that I have all the resources within myself to be happy and healthy. Her work connects me to my own inner guidance system and it also reveals the inexplicable forces that exist to help me along the way. She has been an inspiration and a mentor in my life.”

“I have worked with Sylvia for years, and can not recommend her highly enough. Sylvia is gifted with an incredible intuition. She always knows the right thing to say, and is able to give me insight and guidance for my most challenging problems. Her intuitive predictions and messages have left me awestruck on a number of occasions. Not only is she talented, but she is a wonderful person too. Sylvia is kind, generous, and genuinely invested in helping those she works with”

“Sylvia has a unique way of making self-exploration feel relaxed and safe. I learn so much about myself from her sessions; she really connects you to your inner wisdom and strength. If I am ever full of anxiety or stress, Sylvia can calm me down, bring me within myself, and put me on the right path. She is always kind, gentle, and loving in her practice and I feel that she genuinely cares about my well-being. I leave our sessions feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to take on the world.”

“Working with Sylvia has profoundly changed my life in many ways. She’s given me the ability to see myself as a woman, strong and nurturing and as a child of this Universe wild and starry-eyed and hungry for life and it’s mystery.
I have known Sylvia now for 7 years and have yet to know another human being with the same genuine approach to loving people the way she does.
Her skills as a healer, teacher, a facilitator, a medium completely take my breath away, transformed me into the person I am today, has healed me from many a wound.
She’s taught me invaluable skill on how to listen to my soul, TRUST in my heart, and see myself the way I never thought possible.
Working with Sylvia will bring EXACTLY what you need. Whether or not you THINK you know, or you FEEL you are ready. Working with Sylvia will bring you a peace that you have yet to know, and a calming comfort of the Divine that some of us still have a hard time accessing when we need it most. Living in this world on a day-to-day is far more difficult than most realize. Sylvia is just the person with just the right amount of knowledge & skill coupled with years of experience and a pure Heart of Gold to help you navigate your life more grounded in Spirit, joy and Love.”

~ To look with new eyes is to see that hidden in plain sight, is the pathway to yourself! ~

~ To look with new eyes is to see that “hidden” in plain sight, is the pathway to yourself!” ~

“Amazing. Grateful….. I can’t think of better words to describe our families experiences with Sylvia’s abilities to help us connect with our inner wisdom. Her approach is always reaffirming and respectful of who we are and what current struggle we may be facing. We feel extremely fortunate that she shares her intuitive abilities with us but more importantly how she guides us to connect with our own intuitive nature.”

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  1. Pandora Nash-Karner says:

    I have a number of Sylvia’s cards and I love them. I in particular has sat on the shelf right net to my computer and I find I gain inspiration every time I look at it. Sylvia’s spiritual connection to the universe and to people is profound. Thank you Sylvia!

  2. Laura Williams-Day says:

    I just finished the Hypnosis Affirmations Meditation and I am completely blown away by the amount of expansion I experienced. I can also feel the purity of the love that created this which allowed me to fully trust which in turn allowed me to go deeper into the meditation. Thank you so much Sylvia for the the pure loving intention you put into everything you create.

    • Sylvia Korte says:

      I am so glad to that you had such a powerful experience with the Hypnosis Affirmations Meditation. Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for your kind an supportive words. I am deeply touched and blessed. 🙂

  3. Laura Day says:

    I wanted to take a minute to leave a testimonial on Sylvia’s amazing gifts and I hope this is the right place to do it.

    I had worked with Sylvia sometime throughout 2000-2003 and found her to be such a beautiful person. Her amazing, loving heart, her true compassion and her honest desire to help have created a bond of trust, respect and love that i will carry with me for the rest of my life. I find myself fortunate enough to be working/playing with her again and it is as if there was never any separation. I am able to open up to her 100 percent without hesitation and that is a huge deal for me.

    When I first started working with Sylvia I was very closed off and insecure and she started me on a process of finding myself by pealing back the many layers of illusion that I had used to protect myself and that has changed me forever. Sylvia also taught me that “The present moment is a gift” and that led me to Eckhart Tole and The Power of Now and I am not now or will I ever be the same person.

    Thank you Sylvia for being the beautiful spirit that you are and for sharing your journey with me. I am deeply honored and truly blessed to know you and to have this opportunity.

  4. Kristina says:

    I was referred to Sylvia by my good friend, I purchased a reading and it was scheduled lightning fast. Talking to Sylvia I could tell right away how in tune she was with my energy, she provided me with some deep insight into things I was holding onto and needing to let go of and gave me valuable tools to help do that. She dove deeper and could sense things I hadn’t realized I was feeling until she started to pull them out, she was beyond amazing, kind, spiritual, full of light and a large blessing for me! I am so grateful for finding her and would recommend her as well as purchase myself another reading <3
    Thank you Sylvia so much for helping me let go of things I needed to clean out of my soul <3

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